Univision host fired after racist remark

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NEW YORK, NY - Some folks have that whole foot in mouth syndrome, while some don't regret a thing. But an Emmy-award winning Univision host Rodner Figueroa probably wishes his foot would have landed in his mouth a whole lot sooner.

Figueroa got the boot after he made an on-air comment about Michelle Obama, saying she looked like a character from "Planet of the Apes." Many took the comment as a racist jab, but Rodner begs to differ. He says the whole thing was taken out of context. Rodner claims he was simply trying to point out what a bad job Obama's make-up artist did and that he's by no means a racist.

Rodner claims he was fired after Obama's office contacted Univision's offices and complained, but Univision denies that. Either way, Rodner's out of line comment landed him in the unemployment line.

Roder's not the only one out of a job. After only seven episodes, Kathy Griffin is off like a prom dress and quit E's "Fashion Police" show. She posted a long Facebook rant, but simply put, Kathy says her comedic style doesn't fit the creative direction of the show.  Kathy's departure comes after Kelly Osbourne jumped ship because of co-host Giuliana Rancic's less than flattering comments about Zendaya Coleman's hair at the Academy Awards.

Either way you spin it, looks like these two fashion critics are so last season.