A case of dog abandonment turns out to be just puppy love

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SLIDELL, LA – A Shell gas station in Slidell, Louisiana, a pickup truck, and a dog chasing it were the ingredients for a social media uproar over an apparent case of animal cruelty.

It all started when a woman saw a dog chasing after a pickup truck, with the driver telling the dog to go away. The gas station’s security cameras caught the dog chasing after the truck through traffic.

The woman couldn’t find the pooch, so she posted its photo on social media, hoping someone would find it or recognize it.

At that point, the search for Cruella de Vil and the dumped doggie took off on Twitter, with people demanding cops put the driver in jail, and tweets calling the driver a dirt bag and worse.

Even former Playboy covergirls, the Barbi Twins, jumped in with a tale of the dog’s bloody paws. Hey, they’re the Barbi Twins. They know these things.

But apparently, the driver of the truck wasn’t dumping the dog who goes by the name of “Butterbean.” The dog lives in the neighborhood and likes the guy in the truck, following him around all the time.

Even so, Jeff Dorson of the Humane Society of Louisiana says he’s going to look into this.

“Almost abandonment, letting your dog run at-large on a highway, and yes, there’s a state law that says you have to be in control of your dog at all times, which means either in an enclosure or tethered.”

A case of puppy love that may end up with someone in the dog house.