Four dead in separate shootings in North Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx -  Houston police are working overtime this weekend with a rash of unsolved murders in north Houston.

Houston police reported to a North Houston apartment complex just before midnight Friday, after receiving a call about a shooting.

Police say a person visiting the victims at Arbor Court Apartments on Seminar Drive arrived to find an open front door and three dead bodies inside. Authorities say the two men and one woman inside had been shot earlier that evening.

"Someone had come over to visit the people at the apartment. When he came [to] the location, found one female and two males shot and dead inside the apartment," said Lt. Robert Blain.

None of the victims have been identified yet, nor do police have any indication of a motive at this time.

Also no known motive at the scene of another shooting in northeast Houston. This time one man was shot dead while six family members were inside the house with him, including two children. None of them were injured.

Police are looking for two unknown assailants who apparently walked right in and started shooting multiple times.

"We're trying to see what happened, did somebody come knock on the door and he opened it?" C.G. Cardenas, Houston Police Department. "Did he know the suspects or was the door already unlocked and did they open it themselves and  made their way in?"

Lots of questions mounting for police as four victims are taken down in gun violence.