American poo may contain about $4 billion in precious metals, researchers say

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DENVER, CO – If there were a James Bond character named Goldpooper, he’d be the man, the man with the golden poo, like me and you.

Pretty soon, we might not have to go prospecting for gold and other precious metals. That’s because our poo may be full of the stuff. Or at least that’s what scientists want us to believe.

They say Americans may be flushing away as much as $4 billion worth of precious metals every year, metals like silver, gold, copper, phosphorous, iron, palladium, manganese, zinc, iridium, aluminum, titanium, cadmium, gallium, and chromium.

Kathleen Smith with the US Geological Survey leads a research project that wants to see if pulling precious metals from human poo is worth the money by reducing the need for mining and by producing safer fertilizer.

Arizona State University researches are also poring through poop. They took samples from 94 wastewater treatment plants around the country and found that most samples

Were enriched in rare and precious platinum-group metals, along with silver and gold.

They figure every one of us could be “wasting” about $13 a year in precious metals.

Who knew there was value in poo? Did you?

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