Bloody weekend in Houston: 7 people killed in a matter of hours

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HOUSTON, TX - With more than two million people packed into our great city, crime is inevitable.  But not even the most seasoned cops are used to a weekend like Houston just had when seven people were killed in a matter of hours.

Friday, 7pm, two males entered a Northeast Houston home near the corner of Hoffman and Cavalcade, shot a man and fled the scene.

"There was no sign of forced entry at this time," said C. G. Cardenas, an investigator with the Houston Police Department.

Just a couple of hours later, a pair of men, both shot, showed up to the East Houston Regional Medical Center.  One of them, transported in critical condition to Memorial Hermann, didn't make it.   Fast forward just a few more hours and a triple homicide was discovered.

"A friend opened the door and found one female and two males shot and dead inside the apartment," said Lt. Robert Blain, from the Houston Police Department's Homicide Division.

And the bloody weekend didn't stop there.  Another man was found dead in his residence Saturday night.

"Some family members came over, entered through the front door and went to the bedroom and found their relative deceased on the floor from a gunshot," explained Officer Travis Miller.

So far nobody's been arrested in connection with these crimes, but one thing is for sure,  we might be weeks away from summer, but things in Houston are already heating up.

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