Guy kicked off plane over Broad City t-shirt

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ST. LOUIS, MO - Have any trips coming up? Before you go sporting an edgy t-shirt on your next trip to the airport, you might want to pay attention to what happened to a man named Daniel Podolsky. He was on a flight from Dallas to Chicago that landed in St. Louis because of bad weather in the Windy City.

Little did he realize, it wasn't the weather that was about to change his travel plans, but his t-shirt! On it was advertising for a Comedy Central show called Broad City. The shirt says Broad -(expletive)- City, and apparently it's a free handout Daniel got in Austin at South by Southwest. Because he wouldn't keep his jacket on or change shirts, the flight crew wouldn't let him back on the plane.

In a statement, Southwest stood behind the crew's action, saying "We rely on our employees and customers to use common sense and good judgment." Daniel was allowed on another Southwest flight later that evening, after he changed his shirt of course.

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