Legos are a pain in the foot

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HOUSTON - Sticks and stones may break your bones but stepping on a Lego will make you SCREAM.

Here`s why a brick the size of a breath mint can bring a full grown man to his knees. Each sharp, pointy, little Lego brick can absorb more than 4000 Newtons of force without cracking. That means the little demon brick won`t squish under your foot unless you weigh 953 pounds.

While that`s impressive, it`s pretty much the opposite for our feet. Whether you have little feet or clown feet, the soles your feet are one of the more sensitive parts of your body. Each foot has 100-200,00 exteroceptors or nerve endings. Put the two together and you get pain!

If you walk on a Lego, the impact force is equal to two times your body weight. Running increases the force to nine times your body weight and the pain increases exponentially. And that`s why stepping on a little toy brick can hit you like a “ton of bricks.”

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