Robert Durst memorabilia turns up for sale

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HOUSTON - Galveston millionaire Robert Durst is back in the spotlight now that authorities are re-investigating his connection to several murders. As the attention grows, more and more people want to profit from the case. On eBay, sellers are listing t-shirts, books and artwork associated with Durst and his criminal trials.

Although Durst is not a convicted murderer, the sales trade is known as "murderabilia" and it's not entirely new.

Andy Kahan, the mayor's crime victims' advocate for the city of Houston, has been fighting the practice for years. He helped pass a state law in 2001 that prevents convicted murderers from directly profiting from such items.

Unfortunately, the law doesn't apply to third parties and cannot be enforced across state lines. Kahan believes there should be a federal law against the practice. He says that until a federal law is passed, "I really think this is just the beginning of the merchandising and marketing of Robert Durst."

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