100-year-old salesman celebrates 66 years on the lot

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CASPER, WY - Most of us love our jobs. Some of us can even say we love them. But who can say they love their job enough to do it for 66 years?

Derrell Alexander sold his first car back in 1949 and he's been doing it ever since. As if that milestone weren't enough, he also recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

The Casper, Wyoming dealership Alexander works for hosted a huge party for him, inviting customers to come wish the centenarian a happy birthday. Many took the time to commend him on a job well - and honestly - done.

"If you know him, he's a great guy," said customer Alan Sword.

Just as his customers seem to love him, Alexander loves his job. Even at 100, he works six days a week and never takes vacation. His family says he'd be happy to sell cars until the day he dies.

"I think what he wants is to be sitting there in front of that fire-place and have it be his last day," said Alexander's son-in-law, Tom Rupe.

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