The fear of flying is growing

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Grego sounds off on air travel and how it seems to be getting more and more scary to fly.

"We now know it was the co-pilot who deliberately crashed the Germanwings airbus into the French Alps killing everyone on board.  Yesterday I talked about stress, nervous flyers know  all about that! I know they say flying is safer than driving in a car but since January 2014, a little over a year, there have been 24 fatal aircraft accidents resulting in 1187 deaths. Sounds like a heck of a lot to me!!! Used to be you'd get on an airliner and look out at the engines hanging under the wing, (like we could even spot a problem) but it was mechanical failure we worried about.  Now, it's nutty passengers like the dude on a United Airlines jet who rushed the cockpit yelling jihad a couple of weeks ago! Passengers pounced on him and the plane returned to Washington Dulles Airport. People boarding planes travelling to join ISIS! Meanwhile,you're profiling the guy in the seat next to you, yeah I know don't say it! Tell you what, I'll 'volunteer' to sit next to the crying baby if I know the pilot up front has all his marbles! Remember, investigators found that flight simulator in the pilot's house raising suspicion in the missing Malaysia Flight 370 crash?! And who knows what the co-pilot of this Germanwings plane was doing or thinking! So, air travel is becoming increasingly more stressful. One way to get around those bag fees though might be not to bring luggage, you might not need it!  I know that's morbid. But hug your friends and family extra tight next time you go away, we just don't know if it could be a permanent vacation. I know that's morbid too, but it's the subject!"

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