Women earn less than men… because?

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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how women earn less than men doing the same job.

If you believe what you read, women make 77¢ for every $1 a man makes.

There are some people who say the wage gap is not what you think it is. This story in The Daily Beast suggests it’s  only 5¢; I don’t care if it’s a nickel or more,  this conversation make no sense.

We’re still talking about this in 2015 because not enough women are getting the chance to talk about it where it counts -- Washington!

The House of Representatives has only 84 (of 435) female members. It’s the same percentage in the Senate,  where only 20 members are women.

It’s worse at the state level, where we only have six female governors.

Now, even though these numbers are better than the way things used to be,  something tells me anyone who ever held a Women’s Lib sign must feel  a lot of work needs to be done. Because when it comes to getting work,  so many women know these days are over:

Yeah, mom’s in the home after working at her full-time job; dual income families are the new norm.

It’s too bad places like the House of Representatives are not so “representative” in helping to get more talk going about the wage gap.

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