Women will get equal pay by 2058

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HOUSTON- We all know life isn’t fair but when it comes to equal pay our country is out of whack. Remember the days when women only made 78 cents for every dollar a man made? Well you don’t have to remember, it’s happening now - today - this minute.

More than 50 years after JFK signed the Equal Pay Act, women are still paid less than their male co-workers. Take nursing as an example.

In the U.S., 90% of nurses are women. Yet, a 2013 study showed male nurses make about 5-10 grand more each year. But there’s good news.
The gap will close in about 40 years!

A study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research estimates the nation wage gap will close sometime in 2058.

While we’re waiting for equal pay we’re probably going to see cars that can fly, hearts created with a 3D printer and people living on Mars.

Too bad unequal pay is a gender problem, if it were a technological problem we’d have already solved it.

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