Kentucky lives up to hype in West Virginia beat down

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HOUSTON, TX – The Kentucky Wildcats weren’t only the safe bet to win this year’s NCAA Tournament, they were basically a sure bet. Their speed, size, and talent have all lived up to the hype so far, and were put on glowing display Thursday night in a big win over West Virginia.

The Wildcats delivered a 78-39 beat down to the Mountaineers, mounting a 26-point lead in the first half, taking Kentucky to a 37-0 record on the season.

That performance prompts the question: does anyone else even stand a chance? Fans attending the South Region Sweet Sixteen games at NRG Stadium Friday night think so.

“I think the only one that matters is Duke,” laughed basketball fan Percy Wilson, “That’s about it. I think everybody else, I don’t think anybody else can really run with Kentucky.”