New audio released in the shooting death of a college student in 2006

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SAN ANTONIO, TX - It's the prelude to young man's death. New audio released from the 2006 shooting death of Baytown native Cameron Redus by former University of Incarnate Word Officer Christopher Carter.

Officer Carter: Stay right there...stay right there...put you hands on the hood

Redus: Dude you're scaring me...

Officer Carter: Put your hands behind your back...Put your hands behind your back.

Redus: You`re scaring the (beep) out of me right now.

Officer Carter: Put your hands behind your back.


The Bexar County Grand Jury failed to indict Carter in connection with the shooting. That left people on UIW-San Antonio campus outraged.

Matthew Goode, a student at UIW, says,  "In the end, everybody just kind of lost. We don't know whether or not that the student was in the wrong or the cop was in the wrong but honestly this didn't really turn out well for anybody."

Police say the officer stopped Redus for reckless driving near the campus.

Officer Carter: Stop

Redus: You pathetic

Officer Carter: Stop

Redus: You going to shoot me if I don`t stop

Officer Carter: Yes...stop

Redus: You gonna shoot me right now?

The two men struggled, resulting in Carter shooting Redus five times. The student’s parents have filed a civil lawsuit against Carter seeking what they think is justice for their son's death. Perhaps, they'll get some closure soon.