Study: People with broader faces are more assertive

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NEWCASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM - Let's face it: your face might say something about your personality.   Researchers at Northumbria University in England say our faces can be expressions of our genetic underpinnings.  For instance, they suggest more testosterone leads to broader faces and thicker cheekbones, which means stronger, more assertive and even more dominant personalities in both men and women.

Back in the day, pseudo-scientists were convinced that people's behavior could be determined by the shape of their face, and that was proven wrong.  They'd never heard of "fake it till you make it!"  Now researchers are trying to decipher the secrets our faces hold, such as levels of self-esteem, anxiety, attractiveness or even the so-called "gaydar", the intuitive ability to detect someone else's sexual preferences.

So, peak-a-boo!  These days not even a poker face can hide the truth that lies deep in our genes.