Florida prison guards by day, Klansmen by night, charged with trying to have black inmate murdered

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LAKE BUTLER, FL – Three Florida Klansmen have found themselves in some deep sheet. The FBI says Thomas Jordan Driver, David Elliot Moran, And Charles Thomas Newcomb tried to have a black Florida prison inmate murdered when he got out of the pen.

Driver and Moran were Florida state corrections officers until their arrests. Newcomb couldn’t cut it as a prison guard and was fired in 2013 because he failed to meet training requirements.

The FBI says Driver was bitten in a fight with the inmate whom he suspected of having HIV and hepatitis. So the three asked one of their Ku Klux Klan buddies to kill the inmate when he got out.

That Klansman was an FB I informant who ended up staging the murder, complete with photographs of the fake death.

Nick Cox is the statewide prosecutor. "A lot of times in these cases, we have people come in and say we really didn't mean it. But when the FBI staged this crime scene and these photographs were shown to each of these men, they were happy about it. They shook the source's hand.”

The Florida attorney general’s office says the three are members of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Missouri.

This is the same outfit that distributed fliers comparing the Ferguson protesters to terrorists.

These Ku Klux knuckleheads could end up with serious prison time, and, as former prison guards, they’ll probably learn quickly the true meaning of terror.

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