Rape victim dies hours before trial

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YOUNGSTOWN, OH - A deadly fire in Youngstown, Ohio killed three people this week. Ten year-old Corinne Gump and her grandparents died in the blaze. Young Gump was allegedly the victim of rape, over several years, at the hands of her mother's boyfriend, Robert Seman, Jr., 46. The deadly fire broke out just hours before Seman's trial was scheduled to start, killing the little girl at the center of the case.

The day of the fire, police went to Seman's home and found Gump's mother staying there. Detectives questioned the mother but she was never arrested. That same day, Seman's bond was revoked for allegedly trying to bribe a witness in the case, and he was thrown back in jail.

Then, while Seman was in jail, police noticed he had burns on his body and he was taken to a hospital for treatment. Police are not saying whether Seman is a suspect in the fire. Investigators actually say the fire does not appear to be intentionally set.

Prosecutors are now trying to convince a judge to move forward with the rape case and allow statements to be used in court that young Corinne had made to a social worker and a nurse about the alleged attacks.

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