Stanford students get financial aid break

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STANFORD, CA - Stanford is making it easier to go to college for free.

The northern California university used to allow students from households making under $100,000 a year to attend tuition-free, but last week the university bumped the cut-off to $125,000.

Allowing free tuition based on household income status is common, according to Houston Independent School District Counselor Alpa Sridharan.

"The universities say they value diversity, diversity of thoughts, opinions and experiences, and when you make education accessible to families and students who have less income, I think you're going to get more of that, and the way to do that is to put your money where your mouth is, to offer financial aid," said Sridharan.

The broader financial standards will make it easier for students to pay for college at Stanford, but the tough part will still be getting accepted.




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