Uncle Sam says two New York women were ready to commit ‘violent jihad’

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NEW YORK, NY – We know more about those two New York women accused of planning to build a bomb. Federal authorities say 28-year-old Noelle Valentzas and 31-year-old Asia Siddiqui are homegrown terrorists wanting to commit violent jihad in the US.

The 29-page complaint filed by the US attorney goes into detail about how the women researched and acquired materials needed to make various types of weapons, like a pressure cooker bomb.

Authorities say the women were out to get police officers and members of the military. They say the women even took inspiration from the funeral of murdered officer Rafael Ramos, believing a police funeral would make an easy target.

They say Velentzas considered Osama bin Laden her mentor. She also praised the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

And they say that since the Boston Marathon attack, Velentzas has been obsessed with pressure cookers.

As for Siddiqui, prosecutors say her desire to do harm was just as strong. And they claim she had frequent contact with al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula.

Investigators have been watching them for about two years.

Valentzas’s neighbors say she is married with a young daughter. One neighbor described her as a “lovely woman,” and the family as “lovely people.”

Very lovely people who, at least according to federal authorities, were ready to do some very violent deeds.

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