Celebrate freedom on National Beer Day

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Grego says National Beer Day is about more than just an appreciate for a barley soda.

"National Beer Day is said to be more a celebration of freedom than it is the beverage over the end of Prohibition in 1933! In Texas, we drink a lot of beer! Icall my fairly recent love affair with craft beer the best and worst thing I`ve ever gotten into. I enjoy sampling the different flavors and prefer the hoppiest ales but they're like triple the calories too, so birthing a beer belly can be a real concern. Then again, craft brews are heavier so you tend to drink fewer of them,but beer is good for you. Men's Health claims cardiovascular, heart, immunity and creativity benifets! You know, in some European countries they drink beer like Gatorade after strenuous workouts to recover. I do too! Back to the 'freedom' aspect of alcohol enjoyment, it gets just about all of us in trouble once in a while! Huh? Hopefully never behind the wheel! I`m talking about chatting up the good-looking bartender and making the lady you brought with you jealous! Ever do that? The temptation to open a cold one can be irresistible when you open the fridge and it's milk, soda, juice or beer! Question, if you work from home and its 5:00pm somewhere, is it wrong to have a brew before the next conference call? Do you? 'Freedom' can get you sideways in the fast lane is when it`s late, you`ve had a few and you get on Facebook, or Twitter, or one of those chat lines for 4 bucks a minute... nobody does that right? Yeah, it can be a morning of what did I say, who are you and the worst, where am I!! So, yes freedom is great and so is beer but comes with great responsibility because you still have to face the man or woman in the mirror in the morning! Enjoy responsibly! And if you're under age..just don't!"