Father, seven kids die from carbon monoxide poisoning in Maryland home

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PRINCESS ANNE, MD - Carbon monoxide, also known as the "silent killer," claims hundred of lives every year. Sadly, relatives and friends say it's the reason why a father and his seven kids were found dead inside their Maryland home.

Police found 36-year-old Rodney Todd and his kids ranging from six to 16 years old lifeless after Todd's work supervisor asked police to do a welfare check. When cops got to the home, they found a gas generator that was out of fuel, which officials say may have been the source of the carbon monoxide.

Family and friends say Todd was struggling to keep up with the electricity bills, and say after the power was shut off, he bought a generator to keep warm.

"The biggest issue is not using these portable generators in the house," said Scott Mattox of Generators of Houston. "Everyone, whether they own a portable generator or not, should have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes."