ISIS mass graves in Tikrit may hold bodies of 1,700 murdered Iraqi Air Force cadets

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TIKRIT, IRAQ – In June of 2014, ISIS terrorists captured more than a thousand unarmed Iraqi Air Force cadets during an attack on Camp Speicher in Tikrit. ISIS released this video on various social media sites at the time.

Now that Iraqi forces have retaken the city, forensic teams are uncovering mass graves they believe hold the bodies of between 1,000 and 1,700 murdered cadets from what is now known as the “Speicher Massacre.”

One survivor says ISIS marched the cadets to the presidential palace complex where they separated them into small groups, then executed them in various locations.

Iraqi officials found eight mass graves at the palace complex built by former dictator Saddam Hussein, and three other graves in other parts of the city.

Captured ISIS fighters gave locations of the sites during their confessions.

ISIS has released new photos that are supposed to show their control of the "Yarmouk" Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. The United Nations describes the camp conditions as "beyond inhumane." But that seems to describe just about everything connected with ISIS.