J.J. Watt, Caroline Wozniacki get cozy at NCAA championship game

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HOUSTON - J.J. Watt: women want him, men want to be him, and did we mention women really, really want him?

The NFL defensive player of the year is known for his hard work and dedication on the field, and for being the most eligible bachelor on the planet.

Or is he?

The rumor mill exploded after #99 was seen (gasp!) sitting next to a member of the fairer sex at the NCAA basketball title game Monday night.

She's not just any woman, either.

She's tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki, a woman who clearly knows how to handle balls, but is she good enough for J.J.?

Let's over-analyze the pictures, shall we?

It looks like they had a good time.

They're both smiling, their perfectly chiseled arms are touching, but couldn't this be a coincidence?

"They're both athletes and I think they're just acquaintances," said Mamie Thomas.

"It looks like they're just friends right now," said Brenda Lopez.

"I think they're just friends at this moment, because of the way they're sitting next to each other," said Deborah Larry-Bates, "they're really not into each other as serious as people may think."

But Wozniacki's tweet definitely got people thinking!

"I would classify yesterday as amazing"

Watt's up with that?

Is she referring to the game, or perhaps a budding romance?

"Whatever, you know, he's not all that," said Lopez, "maybe he's not worthy of her!"

Or maybe they're just friends!

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