Study shows distracted driving from teens at an all-time high

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Is it always rush hour, or are there simply more distracted drivers on the roads lately? According to new numbers, youngsters behind the wheel are to blame.

The Journal of Transportation Safety and Security says the number of young distracted drivers is at an all-time high.

Texting while driving is already a hot button issue when it comes to driver safety, and when it comes to teen drivers, the study says they're less aware of other dangers while driving ---- like eating, drinking, and talking on the phone.

The results from 3,000 teenagers tested in the study showed 27 percent changed clothes, shoes, and even did homework while driving! In addition to being young and inexperienced, the study concluded teens are less likely to buckle up, and have a heavy foot.

Researchers claim male drivers are likely to take their eyes off the road while talking to someone else in the car, and females are more likely to use a cell phone.

Experts believe more awareness will put drivers back on the road to success.

They're hoping interactive presentations in a classroom environment will put the brakes on these record numbers. For you youngsters out there on the road, now sounds like a good time to put those bad driving habits in the rear-view mirror.