Have you done your taxes?

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It`s tax time, and just a few more days before the filing deadline is upon us!!

"I don`t know nothing about it. I`m still trying to learn the ways of life." said Charles Williams who is still unsure of how to file taxes.

But most people we spoke with have it all under control.

"It`s already spent - bills. I paid my bills with it. Giving it back is kind of like a savings plan, I pay off a little more than the usual on my credit card bill," according to Julie Scott.

"I got like two thousand back...fixed my car up a little bit," said Dvonte Brown.

Carolina Paredes is still waiting on her refund check, "But as soon as I put it in my hand, I sure will be able to find a way to spend it."

But the government might be feeling the pinch this year, because of reduced staffing at the IRS, a 2-billion dollar loss is expected. Not only that, if you`re trying to get help, expect to wait about 28 minutes to talk to someone.

How hard was it to file?

"Really easy, I did the free one and I got the same amount of money as I would have at H&R Block," said Brown.

Not the case for most, Wallethub.com says the average prep time is 16 hours. And just in case you`re curious, the tax code consists of four million words, or five times as many as in the bible.

Holy cow!