Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and the real-life Game of Thrones

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Grab your popcorn: a new season of Game of Thrones premiered this weekend… not only on HBO but in real life America: Hillary Clinton announced she's running for president with an online video.

"Everyday Americans need a champion, and I wanna be that champion,"said Hillary during her announcement.

Will the house of the Clintons or the house of the Bushes reconquer the Oval Office, the place where big decisions are made and big gaffes live forever?    But these two ambitious families are not alone.  Among Republicans, Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have already announced their aspirations.  And Marco Rubio, another first-time senator from the lands of never-ending summer, is releasing his dragons.

So far, nobody is challenging Hillary in the Democratic party.  Unless Benghazi and the email-gate ruin her great expectations, it looks like the primaries are going to be a piece of cake for the former Secretary of State.  On the other hand, Republicans proved they were quite ready for Hillary as soon as she made the announcement.

"I would argue that she empowered a failed foreign policy more than she stood up to it", said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina during an interview with CNN's State of the Union.  "And when she stood up to it, she was ineffective."

Meanwhile, in the Eastern kingdoms of backward Russia, a TV network felt obliged to include an 18+ age-rating on Clinton's video because it features a gay couple holding hands.  How risqué! This of course is due to Russia's legislation, but lucky for us, we live in America.

Hillary Clinton is starting small this time around, hitting the road to Iowa in a van; because, you know: she has no money for a plane ticket.   What she does have are serious chances of becoming America's first female president.  But as Game of Thrones' character Queen Cersei Lannister once said: "power is power!"… and whoever wins in 2016 should know that very well by now.