Houston police use sting to catch robber

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HOUSTON - There is one less criminal walking the streets of Houston thanks to some swift thinking and a bold strategy by police. HPD got a report of a suspicious person watching the parking lot of a bank on the southwest freeway. They devised a setup, and the crook was stupid enough to fall for it.

An undercover officer came out of the bank carrying a large bag of money, and the culprit watching the place took the bait. He followed the plain-clothed cop to the parking lot of the Sharpstown Mall where he robbed the officer and took the cash.

Then a car chase began. The cops followed the suspect as he tried to get away and hit at least 4 or 5 cars as he fled. The chase ended when the suspect hit another vehicle head on at the intersection of Westheimer and Hillcroft. Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

Now, thanks to police, the predator is off the streets and behind bars.