Mom meets daughter for first time after 49 years

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OLIVETTE, MO - Mother/daughter relationships can be "complex." But this is a different level.

Zella Jackson Price, 76, just met her 49-year-old daughter for the first time, with cameras rolling. The video of their reunion is just as heartwarming as the mystery behind their separation is sad and unsettling.

It’s being reported that the old Homer G. Phillips hospital in St. Louis told Zella shortly after delivering her daughter that the baby had not survived. But Melanie actually was alive, and for some unknown reason, she was adopted to another family.

Melanie, who lost her hearing when she was three from childhood illnesses, apparently found out her biological mom through her adoptive parents, and Melanie's kids helped her finally make the connection. They first had a video chat a few weeks ago, and then met in person last week.

The family says they will launch an investigation into what happened at the hospital.