Are we really this lazy?

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HANNOVER, GERMANY - Move over, Siri. Some German researchers say they've developed a system that will make being a tourist even easier. Sort of.

Max Pfeiffer published this scientific paper, explaining the "pedestrian navigation system" he and several other researchers developed. Instead of an app just dictating instructions, this device uses electrodes to forcibly move your body in the correct direction. The electric current pulls your leg out and away from your body, making you go left or right as needed.

In the paper, Pfeiffer and the other co-authors assert that this technology could have many different uses. Tourists, for example, could strap it on to navigate new cities and never have to take their eyes off landmarks and attractions. Athletes could be prodded to change direction with the push of a button.

We've certainly come a long way from those big fold-out maps my parents used on our family trips.