Street brawl turns into a hit and run caught on camera

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI –   Cell phones are good for capturing those special moments, like a birthday party, or a street brawl gone wrong.

It started out as one of those nasty hair-pulling, slapping, and punching fights between a couple of former friends. Just as the fight seemed to be over, witnesses say 19-year-old Sierra Washington threw a brick through the window of the car belonging to 19-year-old Jalin Walker.

Walker didn’t like that, so she got in her car and ran down Washington, right there in the middle of the street with everyone watching, including someone who caught the whole thing on video.

Washington is okay after being treated and released at the hospital. Walker, though, faces a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

And she faces charges in a separate incident where police say she dragged a security guard during a beauty supply store theft.

The take away from this story may be to stay away from Walker, unless you want to become a human speed bump.