Driver crashes into famous Texas BBQ restaurant

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AUSTIN - The phrase "drive-thru restaurant" isn't meant to be taken literally, except after someone crashed a vehicle into the Franklin Barbeque restaurant in Austin, leaving a giant hole in the side of the building.

"It was really scary to have a line of 300 people and have a big hole in the dining room," said general manager, Benji Jacob.

At the time of the crash, early morning, this 'hole-in-the-wall' joint had not yet opened, and no one was hurt.

Despite opening only ten minutes late, the party wasn't crashed at this restaurant.  Hungry folks came in droves as usual.

"It's different. I mean I've never had beans like this before, the potato salad is amazing, coleslaw great," said customer, Denise Herrera.

The driver didn't bother hanging around for lunch, but did leave a personalized plate. A license plate that is.

So far, it's the only piece of evidence cops have to help take a bite out of this crime.

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