Livingston loses jobs as Walmart closes

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LIVINGSTON, TX - What happens when a town of just over 5000 people loses 400 jobs? Welcome to Livingston, Texas where they`re dealing with exactly that since Walmart is closing its doors for at least six months.

Tommy Collett lost his job due to the closure, "In the meeting, our corporate was there and they had told us, basically, hey, we need to shut the store down because of plumbing issues."

In a small country town where the Walmart is basically the center of town, that`s a big deal.

"I have a truck note, a house note and all that good stuff. I have a son that`s going to be here in three months you know, it hurts me, knowing that I can`t take care of my family," added Collett.

Not only are the newly unemployed workers burdened with the loss.

Tammy Dunsmore cares for her elderly mother, "It`s really gonna to be a bad thing for them to lose Walmart here because everybody comes to Walmart, grocery shopping and everything."

Connie Arnold said, "It`s not going to be nice for some of our people at all, for most of our town."

So, as shopping carts get carted away on trucks, Livingston's residents are left to cope.

"The store is basically Livingston you know, without this right here, then we`re going to have a lot of unhappy customers," Collett commented.

While Walmart deals with its plumbing woes, employees are dealing with their jobs going down the drain.

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