Authorities lose lost girl found in a prostitution ring

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Call it a case of lost, and found, and lost again.

Labrina Lewis of Las Vegas, Nevada, has been looking for her lost 16-year-old daughter Vanessa Murphy who may, or may not, have run away.

Lewis says her daughter is a victim of a sex trafficking ring that cops busted recently in Minot, Nor th Fakota, selling sex to oil workers.

North Dakota police say 20-year-old Tayari Meadows, also of Las Vegas, was working two girls ages 14 and 16, and a 20-year-old woman, charging $200 for their services.

Lawmen found Lewis’ daughter in Idaho and sent her back to Vegas, but something happened.

Authorities say she apparently walked off the plane with the other passengers when the Delta flight from Salt Lake City arrived in Vegas about 16 minutes early.

Clark County’s Juvenile Justice Services says “She was reported as a runaway, but the Delta crew on her flight had not been notified the teen was to be released into the custody of Juvenile Justice Services staff.”

Now, Lewis wants to know how an endangered girl, rescued from a sex trafficker, could get on and off a plane without supervision.

The lost girl could provide an answer if she’s ever found again.