Open carry could soon be the law

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AUSTIN - Texas is on the verge of letting people openly carry handguns in public. After a debate that lasted more than five hours Friday, the state House voted 96 to 35 in a preliminary vote to allow open carry. A final vote is expected to pass the house next week.

The new measure would let residents with concealed handgun licenses to openly carry their guns in shoulder or hip holsters. A similar measure has already passed the state senate and Governor Abbott has said he would sign any open carry bill that reaches his desk.

Needless to say, it is a hot button issue that has people on both sides fired up.

It is already legal to carry a long gun in public, and permit holders can already carry their handguns in public as long as the weapon is concealed. Texas is one of only six states that doesn't already allow some form of open carry.

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  • cj0e

    Even in the Wild West, some towns required people to check their side arms with the sheriff, then pick them up when leaving town. I would vote for that.

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