Stuck passengers just plane unhappy

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Colorado Springs, Co. - Lots of confusion at the Colorado Springs airport as passengers on a United Flight, operated by Eagle Airlines, spent six hours stranded on the tarmac.

"There's been a little bit of miscommunication between pilots and the passengers, stating that the Colorado Springs Airport was not letting allowing them taxi to the gate. That is not true," said Heather Lenard, Colorado Springs Airport

The stranded passengers had no fresh air or air conditioning and only a few crackers for food. Desperate to get out, passengers were apparently told they couldn't or they`d have to stay in Colorado Springs and not be flown to their final destination.

"Basically, if we exited the plane at any time during in that six hours, we would be stranded," said passenger Vickey Minden.

The passengers were finally able to deplane. and a bus bound for Denver came to pick them up.