Mother murdered in Southwest Houston

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HOUSTON, Tx- There is tragedy for a toddler and his mom in Southwest Houston. The mom was shot dead -- the baby was left in the apartment with her body.

What's worse?  The mom probably knew she was going to die.

"It possibly broke out as a verbal altercation between the husband and wife and then it escalated," said HPD Officer Jennifer Saldana.

Police say that the victim called her own mother earlier in the evening and asked her mom to pick her up because she was having a bad argument with her husband. When the victim's mother and sister arrived, they heard the two-year-old boy crying inside the apartment.

When they opened the door, they saw the tragic scene.

Their daughter and sister, a Hispanic female,  had been shot in the head inside a bedroom at the Stone River apartment on Bissonnet and Braeburn Glen.

Police are looking for the husband who they believe is a person of interest.

So far right now there are no apparent signs of struggle, everything seems to be in place, said Saldana.

Such a sad scene that the baby will, unfortunately, have to carry with him throughout his life.

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