Blue Bell ice cream being sold on eBay in League City

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LEAGUE CITY, TX - Let's be honest, the Blue Bell ice cream recall has a lot of people screaming for ice cream. Apparently one person in League City has got the scoop, but you have to go online to get it. Crazy as it sounds, someone is selling Blue Bell ice cream on eBay.

"To buy something in the midst of a Listeria scare from a third-party, you're really taking a risk yourself, not just legally, but personally," says Houston attorney, Grant Scheiner.

The seller with the eBay username, 'demaye0' claims the ice cream is pre-recall, but, pretty sure potential takers might find that claim hard to swallow.

"The seller can be held responsible because they're the ones who sold you the tampered product," Scheiner adds.

Blue Bell has voluntarily recalled all of their products from stores after Listeria outbreaks.  On the black market, $50, and the Blue Bell is all yours. Talk about expensive taste.