Gigantic pothole on Westheimer near Kirby wearing on drivers

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HOUSTON - Upper Kirby isn't too uppity for road issues, and this one isn't your average pothole.

"It's a gigantic hole," according to Karla Winter.

Today's Pothole of the Day is located on Westheimer Road near Kirby Road.

Justin Ford said, "It's atrocious, it likes to tear cars apart and the city is yet to fix it, it's been here for quite a while. I ride the bus down this street, so the bus hits it pretty much every day as we pass it."

As we all know, Westheimer is a busy street, and yet most cars find a way around the crater, but it still manages to creep up on some unsuspecting drivers.

"Not comfortable, not comfortable at all, it's definitely a car rattler," added Ford.

Even city buses find creative ways around this beast. What are drivers going to say? Not much of a surprise as usual.

"Fix the holes please, we pay enough in taxes," exclaimed Ford.

"They need to fix the pothole," added Winter.