Men claim rape by police officers in Maine

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BIDDEFORD, ME – Officials in Biddeford, Maine are looking into police abuse claims, but not the kind you might suspect. Rick Alexander claims former Biddeford officer Stephen Dodd raped him when Dodd was with another police department.

"Thirteen years ago, I told the attorney general there was a problem. It fell on deaf ears,” Alexander told the Biddeford City Council.

Other men have the same accusations against Dodd and another former Biddeford officer. Bobby Kalex is one of them. "I seeked help a long time ago. I'm back again looking for some help. I'm a 50-year-old man. I don't know what to do, and I've suffered a long, long, long time."

The city says it’s given the allegations to the state’s attorney general.

Cell phone video from outside a burger king in Hartford, Connecticut, shows an incident some bystanders say is police brutality.

It’s hard to tell at first, but the person apparently guilty of abuse is a 17-year-old high school athlete who seems to have the police officer in a choke hold.

"He was beginning to lose consciousness, according to his report,” said Deputy Chief Brian Foley. “So it's not pretty to see on TV, but this is what occurs out there and this is the new face of what is going on in the country in 2015.”

Less than a minute later, the officer uses pepper spray and a baton to bring down the kid and take him into custody. All this started when the officer asked the kid to leave the restaurant because he was loitering.

"The new face of what is going on in the country in 2015,” Foley said. “These police videos are coming out more and more and more and we embrace it. We wish there was more video of this incident."

Cameras have caught other fights at this restaurant, among high school students who seem to want to have it their way at Burger King.