Sensory overload can dull the senses

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Grego sounds of on all those alarms and beeps that has become sensory overload.

"George Bush's alarm system was broken for a year. So what, he still has secret service doesn't he? Maybe he wanted that way ! God knows I get tired of mine beeping constantly whenever you open a door or window! Our senses are under increasing assault! Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch are under assault because it's not often anymore we can escape some device competing for our attention. Heck, even gas pumps have video screens that start talking to us and we don't get to change the channel! We're a captive audience and marketers know it! Sitting at the kitchen table I formulated my thoughts on this subject by observing the sensory stimulation happening all around me, the fridge left open too long starts annoyingly beeping, the coffee pot beeps when it's ready and when it's turning off! The TV in the living room, multiple telephones beeping, chiming, alerting, some silently but not really- vibrating for attention. Fans and A/C blowing on you, smells of candles, and what's cooking and the pain of listening to teenage daughters and mom bicker and dogs barking! Light up signs and billboards, flashing lights, sirens and enough already! Do you find you crave silence?! What sounds good is a camping trip to just lay out under the stars and listen to the dim of nature's creatures, but in the woods maybe I can dull my senses enough not to care. "