Students allegedly organize ‘Anti-Gay Day’ at Pittsburgh-area high school

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CLAYSVILLE, PA - High school can be tough, and we're not talking calculus class. We're talking about bullies, and the harm they cause us, whether it's emotionally, physically or both.

A group of male students from a Pittsburgh-area high school didn't beat anybody up with their fists, but their actions cut deep like a knife. They decided to dress the same two days in a row last week, and wrote the words 'anti-gay' on their bodies.

They also reportedly circulated a 'lynch list,' hung a noose in a classroom, and uploaded Bible verses to social media and tagged their gay classmates.

Guess they forgot about Luke 6:31, "Do to others as you would have them do to you."

Their hateful demonstration led other students to form a counter-protest in support of LGBT students, and now kids on both sides are being bullied.

Some even say they're afraid to go back to class.

The school district and police are investigating the allegations.

Meanwhile, youth pastor Mike Matthews, an anti-bullying advocate who has cerebral palsy, is asking for parents and students to come together.

"I told them no more counter protests, no more orange shirts, just be who you are, show your faith, and they have promised me they are going to do that," said Matthews.

Even if the students keep their 'promise' to not be jerks anymore, the damage has already been done.

It's a tough lesson for everyone involved.