Teen steals $25,000, hands money out

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MEDINA, OH - If you are a parent, it is no secret that children do not always understand the value of a dollar. A thirteen year-old boy in Ohio is proving that to be more true than anyone could have guessed. Investigators say the teenager stole $25,000 from his 83 year-old grandfather and passed out the money to friends and classmates.

Police believe the teen stole the cash from his grandfather's bedside drawer. Detectives say the boy then passed out wads of hundred-dollar bills to students at his middle school. Then, investigators say, he doled out some more cash to people at a friend's house , including some adults, before going on a shopping spree.

Word got around to police pretty quickly. Detectives have recovered about $7,000 of the stolen cash so far, as well as several items purchased with the money including a TV. About $4,000 worth of pre-paid gift cards were bought with the money.

Police say charges are pending. They also warn that anyone who accepted the stolen money could be prosecuted.