Texas State Frat Guy Pays $1240 for drunken cab ride

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SAN MARCOS, TX -- Drunk and confused. A Texas State University fraternity member paid $1240 for a cab ride from New Orleans back to San Marcos.

Cody Nichols  a member of the Delta Tau Delta frat  confessed the party foul to "Total Frat Move".

The sophomore says he had been separated from his date and a group of friends while drinking on Bourbon street.

Well apparently, he thought he was on 6th street in Austin, when he hopped in the cab.

At first the driver told him it was too far back to frat row but when Cody whipped out his credit card he stepped on the gas.

The trip actually wound up being closer to over 16-hundred dollars...
Cody paid about $1,240 for the cab ride in addition to $400 for the return flight to New Orleans to reunite with his date.