The alarm of President George H.W. Bush’s Houston home was broken for over a year

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HOUSTON, TX - Secret service agents making the news again, and in an alarming fashion. The Houston home of President George H. W. Bush, was without a working home security system for over a year before the government eventually got around to finally fixing the problem. Oh don't worry, the Feds had a plan "b" to keep papa bush and family safe during the security lapse; post an extra secret service agent to patrol the property.  Bush "41" tweeted about how much respect he has for the secret service.

The house, in Tanglewood is in a gated community and not accessible to non-residents. The extra agent was paid to keep a lookout until it was fixed in December 2014. Back round 2010, a surveillance expert suggested they should replace the aging alarm system, which finally broke in September 2013. That request was denied and the Department of Homeland Security never determined why.

Presidential security is of the utmost importance, after leaving office, presidents have 24-7 protection. But couldn't this extra money forked over by tax payers been saved, had bush senior's alarm system just been upgraded earlier?

The United States Secret Service sent out a statement saying there were no security breaches at the Houston residence while the alarm system was down. They also say a new alarm system was installed , but they have not addressed "why" it took over a year. But all the while, the extra security was on the clock. What price tag can you put on protecting an ex-President? Priceless.