Use of cell phones can cause saggy neck skin

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HOUSTON, TX - Technology can be a pain in the neck sometimes, especially for women.  And please, don't take this the wrong way.  Plastic surgeons are reporting an increase in the number of consultations for a problem they call "the tech-neck."  Everyone is using their cellphones and tablets, and looking down… and there it is: wrinkly neck skin and saggy jowls.

"Tech-necks occur both in young people and in middle age and older people," explained Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr., a board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.

But because we're spending an insane amount of time looking downwards, checking what our Facebook friends are up to, it looks like gravity is taking a toll on us much earlier.  While we're staring at our devices, our muscles are loose, the skin gets floppy and dry… Oh, no!  Is there an app for that?

"It would be great to have a wonderful way to prevent the submental excess skin and fat that we all get, and the laxity which we're all going to get during our lifetimes," said Dr. Vitenas.  "Unfortunately, we don't yet have that magic pill."

Aside from moderation in the use of technology, something tells us surgery is the next best thing.  According to, inquiries about neck liposuction rose by 280% last year.

"From a surgical standpoint, treating this can be done with some liposuction and tightening the muscles underneath the neck," said the surgeon, "and it can also be done non-invasively with a new ultrasound therapy called ultherapy."

So, now you know the next time you take that selfie, make sure you get the right angle.  That'll save you a few pennies.