Blue Bell supporters wear blue shirts to show support for the ice cream makers

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BRENHAM, TX - Being "blue" is usually a symptom of sadness. But in Brenham ,Texas wearing blue is a sign of support. Residents of the town, which happens to be the home of Blue Bell Creameries, wore blue shirts in a show of solidarity for their favorite ice cream makers, after the company's recent Listeria scare. And while freezers sat empty of blue bell products, love of the brand didn't waver.

Many people couldn't wait for Blue Bell to restock shelves, and where out in force wearing their support. But before their wishes are granted, the ice cream makers want to make sure their product is safe again.

Jenny Van Dorf, who does public relations for Blue Bell Creameries, says, "Next week we're actually going to be open, but not producing ice cream. We're going to implement some new training procedures and some cleaning, and will be working with our employees on that." She goes on to say, "The main thing right now is that we get it right and that we do everything to the best of our ability, so we can gain that trust back with our customers." Customers that no doubt, will be waiting patiently for their favorite ice cream to come back.