Did ghosts photobomb these pictures?

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RICHMOND, VA - Sometimes photobombs can be funny, and others can be downright creepy! Especially when the photobomber is from another dimension!

We begin with a photo of Virginia newlyweds. Kevin and Christina Denis freaked out when they got the pictures back of their big day. They noticed their favorite photo had a creepy, smirking face between them! Kind of looks like 'Smeagol' from 'Lord of the Rings' to us. Some Reddit users photoshopped the 'face' out for them, and the results are much more pleasing to the eye.

Let's zip over to Zushi, Japan, where a Toronto man was snapping pictures of his four-year-old daughter. All the pictures in the series seem normal, except for one, which features a mysterious pair of boots behind her legs, and a piece of blue fabric sticking out above her left elbow.

Reddit users had some interesting theories about this photo, too. Some think it's the ghost of a samurai, because the pic was taken next to a graveyard. Others think it's the ghost of a WWII sailor, or maybe a U.S. soldier.  So, next time you're snapping away, look closely. You just might see something from the Twilight Zone!