Do you know how to drive safely in high water?

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HOUSTON, TX - Most of us take driving for granted, but do you know what to do when Houston`s weather makes it more of a dangerous challenge?

HFD's Captain Ruy Lozano explained, "The problem in Houston is that it usually comes in really quickly, you have a lot of water and it accumulates in certain areas."

Recent storms drive the point home as we watched a dramatic rescue of a woman who hydroplaned into a bayou. Captain Lozano says, "You cannot drive at the posted speed limits in heavy rain when you have that water accumulation."

If you find yourself in a situation where you`re losing control of your car, the Captain Lozano suggests,  "Slow down, start pumping the brakes and slowly allow that brake system, those anti-lock brake systems to slowly take over, but don`t slam, try to steer into the direction of that skid and try to get those tires to make some degree of traction."

In the worst case scenario, if you`re trapped in your car and it`s taking on water, Captain Lozano advises, "You have the potential of ultimately drowning if water does start coming into your vehicle. That`s when it`s important to maybe have a self survival device, like a punch. A window glass punch is a simple tool that costs about $20, just keep it in your car and all you do is push it against the glass and it will shatter."

Remember, if you`re on the road in a heavy storm avoid high water.  You never know what surprises may lurk below.