Expert sushi and more has patrons flocking to food truck

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KATY, TX - The word savor is defined in the dictionary as "enjoying the taste or smell of something for as long as possible."
When you're talking about the dishes that are being whipped up inside this food truck, it's no surprise Chef Edgar Ramon put that tasty word in his truck's title: Savor the Bites.

"I know there's different types of food trucks, that just do burgers or one type of food, so we kind of, play around with our menu," says Savor the Bites Manager Lucy Chao.

When you have the chops that these guys do, you can do that. The Savor the Bites crew didn't just decide to start cooking on-the-go one day, Chef Edgar and his co-chef, his father-in-law, have half a century of experience in the kitchen. That's how they come up with such a versatile menu, that crosses many continents.

"We start with fish tacos which is outstanding, all the way to sushi rolls with jumbo crab and caviar," explains Chef Edgar Ramon.

Ramon specializes in sushi, but his Latin background and his in-laws' Chinese influences are evident in their menu as well, and it all keeps customers coming back.

"It's good for exactly what it is, savor the bites. I had the fish tacos myself and they were fantastic, and I've had some of the other things on the menu so all of it's good," said customer Kevin Schwartz.

So track down the truck in Katy, and Edgar and company will invite you to do exactly what the truck says, savor the bites.