Freddie Gray death: Protesters, police scuffle

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BALTIMORE, MD - Peaceful protests in Baltimore didn't stay peaceful for long. Protesters clogged city streets, swarmed cars and mobbed police cars Thursday afternoon. Residents are enraged over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody earlier this month. It's the latest case of alleged police brutality dominating headlines.

Baltimore police say five out of the six suspended officers have given statements about their role in the arrest.

"I don't know if they will release those statements or treat those statements as, at this point, personnel or if they're going to release those statements to the public," said Gray family attorney Mary Koch.

So far, the officers have not been charged with any crimes. Their names have been released, but police say releasing their photos at this point would violate the law. They're also not releasing the name of the other man who was inside the prisoner transport van with Gray, calling him a witness in a criminal investigation.

"He didn't see any harm done to Freddie at all," said Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, "What he has said is that he heard Freddie thrashing about."

Something happened to Gray that caused him to suffer a severe spinal cord injury, slip into a coma and die. Until that can be explained, expect to see more of Baltimore raging.